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I’m so excited to introduce my own makeup and skincare line to you! For someone who loves skincare and cosmetics as much as I do, it was crucial to me that my products were top quality with the best ingredients possible. And, because I’m a big fan of full disclosure so consumers can make informed decisions about their purchases, I’ve listed the key ingredients for each product. 

My skincare line includes a sugar lip scrub, an antioxidant night cream, a daily moisture protection lotion, a gel cream cleanser, an exfoliating enzyme scrub, and a toner with alpha-hydroxy acids. For a pop of color to highlight the gorgeous skin you’ll have, my makeup line includes lipstick and illuminators.

I think you’ll love these products as much as I do!

Nicole XOXO

NCS Skin Care and Makeup Line

To help us pamper and beautify you, we've launched a new cosmetics line. Instead of solely using products on you during your appointments, you’ll be able to take home some high-quality skincare items and select makeup products.

As you know, skincare is an essential part of beauty. They help clean, hydrate, and make your skin look younger and feel amazing.

And while women are absolutely beautiful without makeup, many of us love it because it allows us to change our looks whenever we want. It makes us feel confident and look like the best version of ourselves.

NCS Cosmetics Line

Simple solutions that yield significant results. Clean, clear skin glows with a healthy radiance with this easy-to-use, daily care. Cleanse, tone, treat and protect for beautiful, naturally younger-looking skin. Skin texture is improved and youthful tone is restored. 

daily care for all skin types

Essential Skincare

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NCS Cosmetics Line