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Never had a facial? Here’s what to expect at your first one! This is just a general outline for most facials as there are different upgrades and specifications for different types of facials.


We have another article all on how to prepare for your first facial, along with why they’re so Important. Besides the information in there, most salons will have you strip down to your underwear as sometimes there is an arm and leg massage included, as well as making sure not to get product on your clothing.

In addition, your esthetician will most likely ask you questions about your skin and the products you’re currently using on your face.

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The service will normally start with cleanser to the face to get rid of any dirt, sunscreen, or makeup that may be left on the skin.


Next, the esthetician will exfoliate, which will allow for dead skin to be removed and healthy, fresh skin to come to the surface.


Then, your specialist may incorporate a mask that is targeted to your skin type or is for the particular facial you are getting. This may include masks that are hydrating, purifying, or plumping.


Before extraction, steaming helps to open the skin’s pores and is also very relaxing!


The esthetician will remove impurities of the skin including mild acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and sometimes milia!

Finishing Up

The facial will usually end with a cool towel to close up the pores and relax.

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What to Expect at Your First Facial

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