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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy will have you feeling renewed as ever! Target the spots that are hurting most and get relief in return. Deep tissue massages use firm pressure and slow strokes to massage deep layers of muscles and connective tissue. It targets chronic pain using movements that go across the muscle grain.

The Massage Therapist breaks down any scar tissue that forms after an injury. The massage can help you unwind physically and mentally while targeting direct muscle pain that one might have.

Pros to Deep Tissue Massages

  • Helps treat muscle pain and stiffness
  • Reduces chronic pain in the lower back
  • Helps With: sports Injuries, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, and much more!

Difference Between Deep Tissue and Swedish (Regular) Massages

  • Intent: Deep tissue treats chronic pain and sports injuries, while Swedish massages focus on everyday muscle pains such as sitting at a computer.
  • Pressure: Swedish massage uses a gentler touch and less tension than a deep tissue massage.
  • Area of Focus: Deep tissue focuses on inner layers of muscles, while Swedish massages focus on outer layers of the muscles that are more superficial.

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All About Deep Tissue Massages

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