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Getting a brow lamination done can change your entire face and look! This procedure gives you the ability to be low maintenance on the daily with your brow routine. So let’s learn all there is to know about it before you book your appointment with us!

The Goal: Sleeker, Neater, and Fuller Looking Brows

The look after a brow lamination is similar to eyebrow gel, however, the results of a lamination can last 2 months. The process can be as quick as 20 minutes to complete!

How it works:

“The brow lamination procedure typically takes about an hour. It involves coating the brows with two different chemicals: a relaxing cream and a setting solution. These chemicals allow the brow technician to brush the brows upward and “set” the hairs in this new direction. Laminated brows tend to have a fuller appearance without bare or thin spots.

During the procedure, the brow lamination technician:

  • Cleans the brows with a cleansing solution.
  • Puts a lifting cream onto the brows to break down bonds in the brow hairs.
  • Covers the brows with plastic wrap while the cream works.
  • Wipes the cream off and brushes the brow hairs upward.
  • Applies a fixing solution to set the hairs in the new direction.
  • Puts a conditioner on the brows to replenish moisture.
  • Tweezes or waxes any stray eyebrow hairs.

During the brow lamination process, the technician may also tint the brows if you want to add color.”

The last add on is a brow tint which you can also get at our salon!

The final result is a permed brow in a new position that has hold to it.

Pros to Getting Brow Lamination:

  • Quick Procedure
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Illusion of Thicker Brows

Aftercare for Lamination:

  • For the first 24 hours: Avoid water, steam, makeup, and skincare on the brows
  • After the 24 hours: Use a moisturizing oil such as castor or vitamin E oil on the brows to promote growth and moisture
  • Avoid prescription retinoids and any chemical treatments close to before and after the lamination

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