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 Today, we’ll be sharing 5 Trending Makeup Looks for Prom 2023. Make your prom a night to remember with a trending makeup look! All makeup looks below done by Nicole!

1. Iridescent Makeup 

An iridescent makeup look will have you looking super futuristic and sleek! It’s a great way to add a touch of color without doing a full saturated look. Apply to eyes or highlighted points of the face!

2. Glittery Makeup

After the popularity of the show, Euphoria, glitter is everywhere! Again, it’s a beautiful way to add some shine to any look that you like. You’ll be the life of the party with any color glitter you choose. 

3. Classic Smokey Eye

Want to be daring and cool? Try a smokey eye, again, another way to add a touch of color by doing colors like purple or green instead of black or brown. However, whatever you decide, you’ll look phenomenal with this smoldering look. 

4. Simple Wing

Keep it delicate and light with a simple wing and a light fresh face. Let your dress and the party be the spotlight of the night instead. Still, a simple wing will keep the look subtle and classy. 

5. A Red Lip

A red lip. The most classic way to make a look pop! A red lip would go great with dress colors like black, red, and brown. Pair this with a simple wing and you’ll take your look to another level.

5 Trending Makeup Looks for Prom!

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