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With over 67% of households having an adorable fuzzy friend, we rarely see any type of beauty ideas or trends for our beloved furry family members. While the beauty industry constantly focuses on trends for ourselves and making us look more beautiful, as the rising trends of fashion-forward and beautiful pets grow, we are here to show some of our favorite trends to make your pet look and feel just as beautiful as their owner! 

Let’s dive into it!

#1: we go bananas for bandanas

First things first, one of the most adorable style trends we love for any pet, especially our doggo friends, is an adorable bandana! While this one might seem simple and seen often, a statement bandana, at least in my opinion, is one of the best ways for you to show your pet’s personality! So, putting on a bandana for your pup is a great way to give them personality and also help them look absolutely adorable! 

#2: what’s that, a hat? 

One trend that is becoming seemingly popular amongst pet owners and their pets are hats! This trend is absolutely perfect in my opinion, as it makes an already adorable animal look even more loveable and cute! Puppy fedoras, are personally my favorite, and a trend that is very popular and I hope sticks!

#3: it’s not just a jacket, it’s a look

“My dog doesn’t need a jacket, it has fur!” – One of the most common phrases I hear from pet owners, especially in the winters.

You see, while many people think their dog doesn’t need a jacket, it is so important in the cold winters that not only are they fashionable at the dog park, but that they are staying warm and cozy while they play. Smaller breeds of dogs, or those that have shorter fur especially need an extra layer of warmth during the winter months, as they tend to get colder faster. Therefore, investing in a cute, quality jacket is essential to maintaining a beautiful pet!

#4: dress up isn’t just for children! 

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween, simply so that I can see pets wearing their costumes and looking oh, so adorable! But why should Halloween be the only holiday that your pet can dress up? I think that, like humans, pets love to have fun and express their personality, especially when they are so expressive. Therefore, if your pet is comfortable being dressed up and it does not cause any stress or anxiety, this can be a fun way for your pet to look adorable and add personality! 

#5: everyone loves a cozy sweater! 

Similar to pets wearing a jacket, they also need sweaters! While it might not seem so necessary to some pet owners, which is completely okay, a big trend we see in the world of animals are sweaters. With so many cute saying and patterns, it can make your pet fashionable, while adding that extra layer of warmth for them to feel cozy during the turning cold months! 

#6: groom your pet, just as you would yourself! 

One of the biggest things that is important when discussing beauty trends in pets is grooming them! While animals that tend to have shorter hair, it might not be as necessary to trim their fur and brush them, the longer haired pets NEED grooming to avoid matting and to allow them to feel comfortable. Therefore, making sure that you are scheduling regular baths, nail trims, and haircuts, just as you would for yourself, is essential to maintaining a beautiful pet! 

My favorite tip that I use when giving my Goldendoodle baths in between her grooming sessions, is using an argan oil or coconut oil hair mask on her fur. While this is not recommended on a daily basis, applying an oil mask to their fur monthly helps to make daily brushing much easier, as it reduces knots! Plus, the softness of their fur afterwards is amazing, meaning you will want to give more than usual snuggles to your furry friends.

#7: be pawsitive towards your pooch

While there are so many trends in the pet world right now, especially when it comes to style, one of the most important tips to remember is that your pet loves to be appreciated and loved too! I am a strong believer that when you hype your pet up and talk to them in a positive way, it makes them feel happy and beautiful. One of my favorite things to do with my dog in the morning, while she is sitting in the bathroom while I get ready, is talking to her about how pretty she is and using a makeup brush (no makeup on it of course) and tapping it on her nose and her head and telling her how pretty she is. I do this with her every morning and, while I could be completely wrong and she has no idea what is going on, I think that in doing this, it helps make her feel close to me and I think it allows her to feel pretty! Therefore, speak to your dog in a way that would make you feel good about yourself, and I can guarantee that your pooch will be looking and feeling so much more beautiful. 

#8: your pet is just too cute not to share!

Everyone that has a pet loves it in every way that it is. Therefore, taking photos and documenting your time that you share together is one of the most special things to look back on. Pets are so good for boosting our mood and providing love and support when we need it the most. I think that having a furry friend has been and always will be one of the best forms of self-care.

When you finish up your day and go home tonight, give your fur baby an extra hug and kiss tonight, since they are truly purr-fect just as they are!

*A huge thank you to all pet parents for sharing your adorable animals! We love all of them!


You are Beautiful, Your Pets can be Too! Let’s Talk Beauty Trends for Your Furry Friends!

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