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By: Mackenzie Amore

In the world we live in today, it is easy to be smothered with all sorts of tips and recommendations when it comes to beauty tips and trends. Whether you are new to the whole beauty industry, or a beauty expert, there is always something you can learn, as the beauty world is constantly changing. Therefore, our stylists have come up with some beauty tips and favorite products they swear by, to keep them looking and feeling confident and beautiful from the inside out! We are so excited to share these tips with you! 

Tip #1: “Hairspray is My Bestie”

Claudia Berroa

Hairspray is a girl’s best friend, according to Claudia Berroa, one of our stylists. Not only is it perfect for holding down those flyways, but it is perfect for holding those intricate hairstyles lasting all day. Not only that, but hairspray works for literally any hair type, making it a must-have for any beauty guru! 

Tip #2: “Allow moisturizers and primers to set on the skin for a few minutes before applying foundation/concealer.”

Alta Bautista

When applying a moisturizer or primer on your face, allowing it time to set on the skin and activate helps to not only block any of the makeup from soaking into your pores, but also allows for a smooth and even application. Finding a quality primer or moisturizer for your skin is crucial to ensuring a smooth application and keeping your pores clean. Try one of our Nicole Christine primers or moisturizers, which we absolutely LOVE! 

Tip #3: “My go to beauty product would have to be dry shampoo, it adds definition, volume and disguises oily hair.”

Jelly Sosa

Not washing your hair every day is way healthier for your hair and allows it to develop and maintain natural oils, keeping it looking beautiful and hydrated. Therefore, using a quality dry shampoo helps get through those days where your hair might look a tad greasy, but it is still not a washing day. This is the holy grail for making your hair feel and look clean, while maintaining natural oils and hydration! 

Tip #4: “Always wash and moisturize the face to maintain healthy skin and give the best makeup results”

Stephani Bader

After a long day of wearing makeup, or just going about your daily routine, your face accumulates dirt and oils from sweating or makeup which also collects in your pores. Therefore, to avoid breakouts and keep your face looking clean and hydrated, washing and moisturizing is essential. Adding a quality face wash and moisturizer to your daily routine helps keep your skin looking healthy and allows for easier makeup application. 

Tip #5: “Having go to products help create any glam look.”

Casey Morris

Having some essential products to bring with and use for any look are essential to keeping your makeup routine simple and beautiful. According to one of our stylists, Casey Morris, her “go-to beauty products are Hourglass concealer, Fenty Beauty Bronzer & setting powder, NYX brow pencil, Morphe blush, brown lip liner, a clear lip gloss and Princess Lash mascara. If you have those products, you can create any glam look!” Therefore, choosing quality products you know and love, will help you easily create beautiful makeup looks. 

Tip #6: “My go to beauty product is Shape tape concealer.”

Brittany Wills

Finding a good coverage, well blending concealer is important to maintain a natural, good coverage face for any makeup look. According to our stylist, Brittany, she states that tarte Shape Tape Concealer, “is the OG. The cream consistency blends amazing on all skin types.” She swears by this product as it works for anyone, making it a quality product that is inclusive to anybody.

Tip #7: “Skin Care is the most important to have a flawless makeup application.”

Nicole Saavedra

While you can buy all the products out there to apply to yourself, maintaining a quality skin care routine is crucial to allowing any makeup to look perfect and give you a glowing face. Nicole states that finding an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin and makeup build up, moisturizing the skin with a natural ingredient moisturizer, and drinking water to hydrate yourself from the inside out will help to plump your skin and allow for a beautiful foundation application! 

Tip #8: “Moisturizing your lips is essential.”

Mackenzie Amore

Dry lips can turn any fab look into a drab look, with flaking or puffy red skin around them. Therefore, using a hydrating lip product and applying a scrub is crucial to giving you plump, hydrated lips. For daily use, applying Aquaphor religiously throughout the day helps keep your lips hydrated and feeling glossy. For night use, I use a lip scrub to exfoliate the dry skin on the lips, followed by the Laneige Lip Mask, for a heavy, overnight boost of hydration. Having gorgeous, plump lips makes any makeup look beautiful! 

in conclusion

Despite all these beauty and makeup tips, the most important thing to remember is that you are truly beautiful inside and out. Having confidence and loving how you were created is the best advice we can give you of all! <3


Beauty Tips from Us at Nicole Christine Styling

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