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By: Mackenzie Amore

We are so proud to announce that we celebrated 11 years of making women look and feel uniquely beautiful. In celebrating our 11th Anniversary at Nicole Christine Styling, we took the time to discuss what makes us so special. So, in honor of 11 Years, here are 11 Reasons our team loves who we are! 

#1: Empowerment

When thinking about how to make women look and feel their absolute best, it all comes down to bringing each other up and empowering one another to be the strong, confident, and amazing women that we are. Here at Nicole Christine Styling, we are a woman-owned business where our team thrives on building each-other up and celebrating our successes. Therefore, with a team of strong, powerful women, we are able to craft beautiful styles and looks to make women feel empowered and beautiful each and every day! 

#2: Support

Having a team of supportive women is essential, especially when we work as a team to create the gorgeous looks that we do. When asking all of our team about how they would describe our stylist group, a common theme was how they feel supported by one another. With the makeup and beauty industry being so brutal, having a team of supportive women, encouraging each other to reach their fullest potential, but also being there when times are tough or not going according to plan, grows a bond of women, constantly ensuring each one is doing their best and feels loved and appreciated. That is one of the most special things about us, Nicole Christine Styling, is that we always have each other’s backs– no matter what! 

#3: Passion

Every woman on our team has a passion for what they do and love coming to work every day, doing something they love and have always dreamed of doing. Finding women who are able to live out their dream job and express their passion for what they do to make women beautiful, is something we value so much in every girl on our team. Each girl is so passionate about making women beautiful and bringing these visions of beauty to life. That is something that in this world is truly rare to find. We love our team and how they truly show how much they care and value their work in everything they do! 

#4: Talent

If there’s one thing that is important about the makeup and hair industry, it is TALENT. Words cannot even describe how talented our team of stylists are. The makeup looks and hair styles they create are not only intricate and unique, but they are a form of art. Having a team of girls that are able to use their skills and create these masterpieces is something that makes us, Nicole Christine Styling, so unique. Each girl has a special talent which, when all coming together, allows us to make women gorgeous and confident, with each look we style! 

#5: Fun

Not everything is always serious around here. Keeping things fun is essential to just about any successful business, but especially with the long days of making women beautiful. One thing we like to do here at Nicole Christine Styling is making life fun. We share a lot of laughs, stories, and love to host lovely staff parties where we can all come together and celebrate our successes and memories every year!  

#6: Growth

Working with Nicole Christine Styling has provided a lot of opportunity for growth in our team of women. Many have been here since the beginning. Being able to learn from other  talented makeup artists and hair stylists, allows for our team to grow their skills. Not only this, but being able to interact with our clients and other women in the industry, helps to grow our own communication, business, and personal skills, to become the greatest versions of ourselves. Being able to constantly improve, in the work setting, makes Nicole Christine Styling truly an amazing company to be a part of! 

#7: Opportunity

Nicole Christine styling has created so many opportunities in the beauty industry for so many women. When adding to the team, Nicole finds unique people who she sees something special in and will create an opportunity for them to let their talents shine. Not only this, but she creates opportunities for women to look and feel beautiful, which we, as a company, have the main goal of.

#8: Flexibility

With the life of being a parent, having another job, or just being a busy person, a lot of our team of women appreciate the flexibility that Nicole Christine Styling creates for them. With the flexibility to pick your schedule and your events, it allows for our team to live their busy lives, while still doing work they love and are passionate about. 

#9: Confidence

In a society with so any beauty standards and expectations of how women should act, look, or behave, being part of a company where women are encouraged to be themselves and embrace their uniqueness and individuality, it makes Nicole Christine Styling truly something special. With the constant love and uplifting that our team of women bring to other women, it allows for us to help create a world where women embrace their beauty and uniqueness, being the best, most confident version of themselves. 

#10: Family

Family makes everything better. While we might not all be family by blood, here at Nicole Christine Styling, we are family through the experiences, skills, and memories we share. One of the things all of our team of girls has said is that they feel like being part of our business feels like they have a second family. We are constantly building each other up and supporting each other, creating a special, strong bond who love and empower each other.

#11: Love

Lastly, but probably the most important is that there is so much love when it comes to Nicole Christine Styling. We are full of a team that loves what we do. We have clients that we love to work with. We have love for making women confident and beautiful. And, we love all of the memories we have made over the past 11 years! 

Thank you to all who have helped to create something wonderful. Cheers to 11 years and we cannot wait for more to come!

XOXO, Nicole

11 Years of Making Women Beautiful

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