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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Snow is falling, holidays are coming, all the winter activities are here. While there are so many things keeping us excited and happy during wintertime, as the weather gets colder, and the days get shorter and darker, it is easy to get into a funk and start to feel a little down. Don’t worry, it’s normal! However, we are going to help you with a few tips to keep your body and your mind in tip top shape to care for yourself this winter!

move your body

It’s easy to want to cuddle up with a blanket and watch movies in your pajamas during the cold, winter months. However, movement is so essential for our bodies and their wellbeing. Therefore, finding small things that you can do to keep your body active is so good for caring for yourself. This could be taking a walk to look at holiday lights, going ice skating with your friends or family, curling your best friend’s hair, or even just walking up the stairs a couple times to get your blood flowing. No matter what that little movement is, it will be so helpful to your overall well-being!

find a fun hobby to participate in

With the cold weather outside, we can find ourselves without as much stuff to do and places to go. This is the perfect time to learn a new hobby or skill. By picking up on a new hobby, it helps train your brain and mentally stimulate you, to feel mentally stronger. Some hobbies that we love are learning how to do makeup, learning how to do hair, or even improving your skincare routine and performing it every day. These small things can help challenge your mind and learn a fun new hobby!

spend time with family, friends, and pets

It is easy to want more independence and alone time when it gets colder. While spending time alone is a great thing to maintain internal peace, it is also super important to stay social and spend time with the ones you love as a way to avoid lonely, left out feelings. Whether it be doing a family movie night, a coffee date with a friend, or playing tug of war with your furry friends, these are guaranteed to put a warm feeling in your heart and make you smile!

take care of your skin

Winter months can leave skin dry and lifeless. While this is totally normal with the frigid temperatures and strong winds, there are tips on how to ensure your skin is hydrated and vibrant. Investing in a quality skincare routine is one way to love your skin. With quality, nourishing ingredients, your skin will be cleansed without damaging any barriers. On top of this, a hydrating face mask and moisturizer will add the extra burst of hydration to leave your skin feeling soft and radiant.

participate in an individual mindfulness activity

Taking time to yourself to find peace of mind is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical well-being. Whether that be journaling to reflect on your day, meditating to practice inner peace, praying for different things in your life, or even doing breathing exercises, these are all a way to give your brain a rest and reset it to be in a good mental state.

be kind to yourself.

Know that sometimes you will not always feel your best, and that is okay. Just be kind to yourself. Remembering to be gentle with yourself and give yourself extra love and care when you are having harder days is exactly what you need. On top of this, reaching out to people who love and care about you is a great option for when you need an extra pick-me-up. Just know that if you do feel down, tomorrow is a new day and things will get better! We love that you are here. <3

Winter Self Care: Let’s Talk about it!

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