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By: Mackenzie Amore

We’ve all been there. We just perfected our show-stopping look, yet the second we step outside into the hot and humid day– BAM! Our makeup is melting off our face and our hair has fallen and is stuck to our neck. You might think, “What’s the point of even trying to look nice in this type of heat?” Well lucky for you, we have plenty of tips to help you achieve your perfect look and maintain it all day, no matter what the weather!

Marcee Doherty-Elst

the hair

When it comes to maintaining a hairstyle in the hot and humid weather, we have many tips to ensure it will last all day! 

  1. Hair Preparation

The preparation of your hair is essential for allowing your hair to last all day! First things first is to make sure to wash your hair with a quality shampoo and conditioner and make sure that the water is not too hot. When you wash your hair in cooler water, it allows the hair scales to tighten, allowing it to not only look glossier, but allows it to be more manageable. 

  1. Avoid the Frizz

Invest in a quality anti-frizz spray or serum. A big reason that our hair falls or does not last in the heat and humidity is due to frizziness, which can completely ruin a perfect look. Luckily, if you use a serum or frizz spray before and after on your hair, it can help manage frizz, allowing your hair to last all day.

  1. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Hydrating your hair is essential for it to maintain its elasticity and healthiness. On top of this, dry hair is more victim of the humidity as it is thirsty for any type of hydration from the air. Therefore, by moisturizing your hair, it allows your hair to stay hydrated, preventing it from falling victim to the heat. 

  1. When in doubt, go easy.

While it can be fun to spice up looks with crazy, extravagant styles, sometimes going for a simpler look can help for it to last all day in crazy heat. On top of this, updos are a great way to make sure your hair lasts in the heat and humidity, while keeping you just as cool!

the makeup

Having perfect makeup is essential to finishing a beautiful look. Therefore, following these tips can help you to keep that look all day, despite the heat and humidity. 

  1. Follow a Quality Skin Care Routine

The first step to any perfect makeup look is to start with a good skincare routine which helps to not only cleanse your face, but ensure that your face is hydrated and prepped to withstand the heat. Finding quality skincare is essential for ensuring makeup lasts all day in the heat. We suggest trying our Essential Skincare Set, which has all the products you will need to maintain perfect skin and prepare it for the heat. 

  1. Prime your face!

When it comes to heat and humidity, finding a primer that can allow your makeup to last all day is crucial to a perfect look. When looking for a primer, try to find something that is oil free, to prevent your pores from sweating. Also, look for something moisturizing so your skin does not get dry and craze moisture from the air.  

  1. Blotting Sheets are a LIFESAVER!

Sweating is unpreventable in the heat. Therefore, carrying blotting sheets can help you dab away the sweat and oil that can accumulate on your face, allowing for your perfect makeup look to last the day.

  1. Try for Waterproof

When buying your makeup products, looking for different ones that are waterproof can help ensure that humidity and sweating does not cause your mascara to run or your foundation to sweat off. 

In conclusion:

The Summer was meant to be our time to shine. Therefore, in order to look and feel your best, following these tips to keep your hair and makeup perfect, despite the hot and humid weather, will give you an unforgettable Summer!

How to Manage Your Hair and Makeup in the Heat

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