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By: Mackenzie Amore

The time has come. The weather is warm, the world is brighter, and it’s that big, special day for one happy couple. Whether you are the bride to be, the maid of honor, or the plus one of a distant cousin, looking your best for a wedding is so important and we know just the tips to help you do it! 

The Hair: 

When styling hair for the summer, trying to make it stay with the humidity and heat can be a chore. It is important to let your stylist prep your hair properly and add texture to ensure that you are able to have hair that lasts through the pictures, the ceremony, and through a night of dancing away! 

For hair styles, we suggest if you always wear your hair down, it’s a good idea to wear it down on the day of the wedding. You want to feel confident and comfortable. However, for those hot summer days, we also have some amazing summer updos to help our brides look beautiful and feel confident. 

Here are some ideas of styles we have done for summer weddings that we think are perfect! 

The Half Up-Half Down:

This look is perfect for our brides who love to wear their hair down, yet they want to add a little bit of pizazz! This is also a great summer look, as it pulls some of the hair back to allow a comfortable and cool feeling!  

The Updo:

We love the Updo for a perfect summer look as well, as it keeps the hair out of the face and off the neck, but still looks beautiful! We also suggest this look for someone who has a dress that they want to display the back of or simply because they fell in love with a hairstyle and we want to make them look beautiful. 

Down and Beautiful: 

If you love a simple, yet elegant and beautiful look, down with a bit of curl and texture is the perfect summer look! We love this one for brides with an extrinsic dress or someone with a bold makeup look! It looks great for everyone though! 

The Makeup: 

When it comes to the perfect makeup for a Summer wedding, it is important to take into consideration several different things to allow your makeup to look the very best for such a special day! 


  1. First and foremost, it is important to do trials with your makeup artist and allow for you to see some different options to ensure that you fall in love with the look. It is important to find an artist that will allow you to be honest and will help you make the best decision for your makeup!
  1. Another important tip for the perfect summer makeup is to exfoliate! Exfoliating is the best advice you can get from a pro makeup artist. We have a cream exfoliator that will not dry out your skin like gel washes. Texture is one thing makeup can not cover. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week will help improve skin’s texture and feel, which will help you have the perfect summer makeup look! We suggest trying our featured product of the week which is our Rose Face Firming Mask, which hydrates and exfoliates the skin for the perfect makeup application!
  1. When preparing to kiss your spouse on your big day, preparing the lips is SO important, as keeping perfect lipstick or gloss through your kiss, your champagne toast, and a night full of chatting is essential to look perfect through it all. When preparing the lips, make sure to find a lip balm or moisturizer to help your lipstick and liner to glide across your lips smoothly. This will ensure your lips are soft and prepped for any lip color you might use! Then make sure your makeup artist finishes off your look with a lip sealer or gloss to keep the lips looking excellent all day long.

Makeup Looks:

When it comes to some of our favorite looks for Makeup on your big day, it is important to be true to yourself and how you normally style your makeup. If you are usually the type of person who keeps a natural look on the daily, going for a big, bold look on your big day is usually not recommended, as we want you to feel as confident and beautiful as possible. Especially in the summer, leaning for a more natural and simple makeup look is usually more common, as the colors in a summer wedding tend to be much bolder and brighter! 

One of the looks we think is perfect for the summer bride is a natural, yet beautiful airbrush makeup style we did for Brooklyn Kemp for her August wedding. 

To begin this look, her skin was prepped, hydrated, and a beautiful canvas for us to begin with. Her skin was cleaned, exfoliated, and moisturized. Her lips were also prepped with balm to ensure they were hydrated!

This look featured airbrush foundation to give a natural glow to her skin. We used light pinks and nudes for the shadow look, to give her a more simple look to highlight her natural beauty. To complete the look, we added a simple lip and gloss! We love this look for a summer bride, as it is simple, clean, yet makes a bride look truly stunning! 

In Conclusion…

Ensuring your summer wedding is as beautiful as can be, it is important to know that no matter what looks or styles you decide on, ultimately it is your special day and having a look that you feel beautiful and confident is is the most important tip for the perfect summer bride! 

The Summer Bride

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